Since 2015, Tech Takbeer has been operating Call Center Solutions through the subsidiary organization, Kinetic Marketing, in Pakistan. We established our brand in 2017 with renowned venture capitalist firm, Wall Street Canada, a leading North American wealth management and venture capitalist corporation.


Tech Takbeer was founded on inspirational technology that reshapes our world through Artificial Intelligence, big data, and Virtual Reality.


We became the official CRM Solution Provider for Wall Street Financial, the esteemed financial services brokerage in the United States.


Tech Takbeer launched our first Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) managed portfolios in Toronto, Canada.


We launched our managed CRM Outsourcing, which has been fully integrated with Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence technology in the United Arab Emirates and Canada.


Tech Takbeer brought our full-service winning Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) solutions to Pakistan.


We’re proud to introduce for the very first time in Pakistan, a BPO industry profit-sharing approach to minimize the gap between the business owners’ and its employees’ equity. These sharing profits are in USD currency.

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