Training & Certifications

Tech Takbeer is proud to offer training and certifications with our company.
We guarantee your job placement once you’ve completed
one or more of our certifications.

Certified Call Center Professional (CCP)™

This Certified Call Center Professional (CCP) course is ideal for help desk and call center agents, technicians, analysts, and team leads. With a focus on communication skills, problem resolution techniques, and relationship building, the skills learned in this course goes over chat or email communication, team building, conflict management, IT incident management, cross-selling and upselling, and more.

Certified Call Center Manager (CCM)™

Whether you’ve got a new or experienced call center manager on your team, this intensive course to become a Certified Call Center Manager (CCM) offers participants the ability to hone their tactical management skills – ones that are needed for the day-to-day operations of a call center.

Certified Quality Assurance Manager (CQAM)™

The training course offered to become a Certified Quality Assurance Manager (CQAM) has been specifically designed for those in leadership positions that directly handle service quality as well as QA analysts. The sessions offered in this course will teach participants the best practices for agent monitoring, satisfaction auditing, QA tools and technologies, and how to effectively coach and give feedback properly.

Certified Digital Marketing Specialist (DMS)™

While digital marketing specialists require a bachelor’s degree in any area that is related to marketing/ communications or graphic design, most employers will look for employees that have at least two years of experience in marketing, website design/ programming, or any related skills or certifications, such as Google AdWords, or becoming a Certified Digital Marketing Specialist (DMS) once they’ve received their master’s degree in general marketing.

Joint Certification Program (Through New York eCornell University)

Through the New York eCornell University, Tech Takbeer offers a Joint Certification Program.

Some of the Certificate Programs that are available include:

  • Marketing Certificate Programs
  • Data Science
  • Technology
  • Leadership
  • Project Management
  • Human Resources
  • Business and Finance