Who We Are

Who We Are              

Tech Takbeer has cultivated a culture that is enriched with high moral values. Our organization is one where an employee’s self-esteem, career growth, and professional well-being come first. We feel that by having a workplace that is employee-centered and offering the highest compensation in the BPO industry, we stay true to our mission of creating a culture that creates wealth in Pakistan’s economy. Employees at Tech Takbeer are able to build their professional character and are given the opportunity through state-of-the-art training to become a future business industry leader. We at Tech Takbeer believe in equal and fair workplace opportunities.

We value our relationships with our employees, partners, and customers, and believe in our long term philosophy, which gives us our sense of purpose, one that supersedes short-term decisions. We believe that working, growing, and aligning the entire organization towards a common purpose is more important than making money. We want our employees to understand their place in our company’s history and have a desire to work together to bring us to the next level.

Tech Takbeer believes that we need to create value for our customers, society, and economy. We continually evaluate the functions of our company to make sure we are achieving this.

We strive to operate responsibly, encouraging everyone to trust in their own abilities. We ask that everyone accept responsibility for their own conduct while maintaining and improving on the skills that will enable them to bring value to the company. 

At Tech Takbeer, we strive to offer our customers cost-effective solutions for all of their business needs. We ensure that our clients receive the high-quality service they deserve at a lower cost to them – it’s how we’ve been able to shape the industry’s service standards with our client-centric approach to doing business.

We value delivering our clients a quality experience, while at the same time creating jobs and developing leaders, expanding in the underserved markets, diversifying the workforces, and creating opportunities for financial independence for our employees. We pride ourselves on being able to add value to our clients’ businesses and employees’ lives by fostering a culture of care, comfort, and safety, and offering incentive plans to build a stronger Pakistani economy.